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SKODA Service

Professional SKODA Service
Ensuring your car has a complete service history and regular servicing is essential for maintaining your vehicle for it to be at its optimum and very best quality and performance it can be. A dedicated SKODA service team at will ensure the health of your SKODA vehicle, with expert trained technicians performing in depth diagnostics.


There are 2 options for your SKODA service, the best option for your servicing depends on your driving method. These 2 SKODA service options are; time and distance / fixed SKODA servicing or SKODA long life service / variable SKODA servicing.

Time & Distance SKODA Service / Fixed SKODA Service

The fixed SKODA service option is recommended by central Audi VW for drivers who use their SKODA car 10,000 miles or less in a year or require your MOT. This fixed SKODA service option costs begin at £100. It would also be recommended to use this following service option if you regularly tend to drive your SKODA in the following ways:
Uneconomical driving including heavy acceleration and heavy braking
Regularly take short journeys with frequent cold starts
Regular stop start city driving
High engine loading activities such as consistent hill climbs, full capacity car or towing

SKODA Long Life Service / Variable SKODA Servicing

Do you drive one of our new generation cars? If so, the SKODA long life service option maybe the best SKODA service option for you. The Variable SKODA service is only available to new generation vehicles with intervals of up to a maximum of 20,000 miles or 24 months.

This SKODA Service is Ideal & Recommended for Drivers Who:
Drive 25m miles or more a day

Drive long distances regularly
Constantly driving at speed

SKODA Vision front view

Contact a Local SKODA Service Team

Many companies can provide a quick and professional service on your vehicle but why not take it to an Audi approved service centre to ensure a very high standard of quality. We take pride here at Central Audi VW in our expert and professional services performed at the very best quality for all our customers on any vehicle that we are working with. Whether you come in for a MOT and Service, scheduled service or an impromptu visit to your local garage Central Audi VW offer a high-quality specialist SKODA Service for your car.